PUDO is working together with its partners, on several  short and medium term

interventions to drastically reduce the negative environmental and social impacts that

explosive growth in e-commerce are projected to produce.

Together with our members we are driving change for the better

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Retail e-commerce is a runaway train. Every day more vehicles loaded with more parcels attempt to deliver to more online shoppers. Without intervention, the so-called last-mile of each trip – the short distance from regional courier depots to individual consignee addresses – will become more and more congested, reaching an environmental tipping point sooner than later.

In January of 2020, the World Economic Forum, together with McKinsey & Company, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and more than 20 public and private partners who contributed related data, expertise and case studies, released a ground-breaking report entitled ‘The Future of the Last-Mile Ecosystem’. The report prioritizes 24 last-mile interventions that all e-commerce ecosystem players should consider and act upon immediately.

The report and its contents are a must-read for every company and individual that participates in e-commerce. The pandemic of 2020 showed us how quickly the planet begins to heal when people are forced to change negative environmental habits. Let’s show her how quickly she can heal when we change our habits by choice.

To download the full text of the report, visit the WEF website. To learn how PUDO is addressing the 24 last-mile interventions, visit our Related News page and click on WEF commentary.

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