We are working to integrate the Kinek website into our new website,

allowing existing Kinek members to use their membership number to access the full

suite of PUDOpoint Counters services, and visa-versa. Until then,

Pick Up + Drop Off

ship to and pick-up from convenient borderpoint locations

Increasingly, online retailers are offering free or low-cost shipping with the continental US or Canada.  For Kinek and PUDOpoint Counters consumer and small business members living close to the border, that adds up to big-time savings on cross-border shipping and brokerage.  Ship  small or large retail purchases or commercial items securely to one of our border locations, drive across yourself, pay duties and taxes en-route, save time and money.

Currently, Kinek members have packages shipped from any  website, retail outlet, or individual to Kinek borderpoint locations across the U.S. and Canada.  Merging Kinek into PUDO activates hundreds more convenient locations for Kinek members,  and introduces borderpoint shipping convenience to PUDO members.

Canadians primarily, have used Kinek to ship their U.S. purchases to a Kinek location in the U.S., enabling access to thousands of items not sold in or shipped to Canada, plus standard items sold at a lower cost.

Now, with the lower Canadian dollar, more Americans than ever are looking for a near border Canadian hold-for-pick-up address to ship to. This consolidation offers more choice and convenience for all of our members in Canada and the U.S., saving time and money along the way.

All Kinek and PUDO members will be informed of new services. In the interim, please log-in as usual.


shop the world with confidence using your PUDOpoint Counters network