The numbers are staggering:
$827 billion dollars, 20 billion parcels this year, growing by double-digits annually.
North American retail e-commerce is projected to surpass $1 trillion dollars by 2020.
– Statista

‘The last-mile is the thorn in the side of e-commerce retailers and consumers’

— In The Black, Business Leadership Strategy

Pick Up + Drop Off

virtual consolidation of the ecosystem
increases profit & convenience. reduces gridlock, costs, friction & CO2

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Ensure someone to accept delivery every day
Ensure access by any courier or delivery service
Ensure hassle-free returns
Ensure that missed deliveries are held for pick-up
Ensure parcels not stolen from consignee address
Ensure access by any retailer or marketplace
Ensure early/late parcel pick-up & return
Ensure weekend parcel pick-up & return
Ensure residential address anonymity
Ensure secure storage of goods subject to spoil
Ensure age & identity confirmation
Ensure SMS or email alerts re parcel status
Ensure consignee choice of delivery method
Ensure lowest cost delivery method
Ensure multiple retailer consolidation pricing
Ensure possibility of value-added services at pick-up

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