The bigger the PUDOpoint Counters Network grows, the better.

Bigger equates to more delivery vehicles off the road, lower atmospheric CO2 emissions,
less packaging waste, more social benefits, and more shared revenue to grow the Network

Investing in the future, people and planet first.

Pick Up + Drop Off + return

doing well by doing good

  • PUDO’s open (carrier-agnostic) parcel pick-up/drop-off network is optimized to consolidate parcels and reduce atmospheric carbon emissions by +50:1 , and generate revenue for the company.
  • Encouraging ‘direct-to-PUDOpoint Counters’ shipping in online check-out, saves retailers money, directs revenue to small community-based businesses thereby increasing localized economic and social benefits, and generates revenue for the company.
  • Leveraging latent storage space and employee time to operate PUDOpoint Counters is an innovative shared economic model that helps protect jobs at the community level, fortifies local GDP, optimizes existing bricks and mortar, and generates revenue for the company.
  • Leveraging the company’s optimized returns network in the US and Canada to consolidate and bulk-ship gently used merchandise packed in empty e-commerce boxes to charities for re-sale or distribution, diverts packaging from landfills, delivers exponential social, economic, and environmental benefits, and generates revenue for the company.

shop the world with confidence using your PUDOpoint Counters network