North America’s only carrier-agnostic last-mile logistics solution for B2C and B2B e-commerce.

Thousands of staffed PUDOpoint Counters located within minutes of where consignees live, work, play, study, and vacation, plus border points.

Welcome to the new normal.

Plug & play API resolves failed first attempts, returns, consolidation, parcel theft.

Pick Up + Drop Off + return

a virtual consolidation open to everyone. pay as you go.

  • Access North American wide coast-to-coast network of PUDOpoint Counters managing parcels from/to any registered domestic or international carrier or retailer.
  • Use community-based PUDOpoints to re-direct failed-first-attempt deliveries.
  • Use community-based PUDOpoints to stage parcel returns.
  • Use community-based PUDOpoints to consolidate and extend your network.
  • Eliminate unattended parcel theft entirely.
  • Offer retail and consumer clients premium choice, mobility and convenience, plus member benefits.
  • Support small business owners/PUDOpoint Counters operators across the country.
  • Access MyPUDO consumer members, with special members-only offerings.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by consolidating deliveries to neighborhood Counters.

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Several courier and e-commerce partners, including Amazon, offer PUDOpoint Counters 
in their delivery routing, and as ship-to locations in their online checkouts. Don’t miss out, join today!

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