Shopping online is the convenient new normal, but there is nothing convenient

about wasting time at home waiting, missing an important delivery, having packages stolen from

outside your door, or being unable to make a simple return.

Leave parcel delivery + return worries to us. We’ll ping you.

Picking Up or Dropping Off?

consumer member benefits

  • Never miss a delivery. Save your time for you, and leave the waiting to us.
  • Build a secure MyPUDO network of Counters near your go-to places.
  • Receive parcels from any international or domestic courier, including parcel post.
  • Eliminate unattended parcel theft. It’s a major crime worth +$5.6 billion annually.
  • Pick-up, drop-off and return parcels at your leisure – early, late, on weekends.
  • Be confident that fewer hands on your parcel = optimal hygiene and security.
  • Maintain discretion and anonymity – keep your home address details private.
  • Support small business owner/Counters operators in your neighborhood.
  • Save up to 20% on shipping to friends, family, business, with participating couriers.
  • Enjoy member savings + concierge services offered by your MyPUDO operators.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by consolidating deliveries to neighborhood Counters.

Choose PUDO in the check-out or
use a PUDOpoint Counters address as your own

getting started is easy

Choose PUDO in the check-out or
use a PUDOpoint Counters address as your own

Several e-commerce and courier partners, including Amazon, offer PUDOpoint Counters 
ship-to locations in their online checkouts and delivery routing. If you don’t see us in the online 
check-out, you can simply swap a convenient Counters location address for your own.

When you choose PUDO from the check-out, no fees apply.
When you use a PUDOpoint Counters address as your own, a small handling fee applies which you can pay using pay-as-you-go credits.

We call this credit system PAGO.  It’s easy-peasy to use and it’s super inexpensive at just $2.50 per credit when you purchase six or more.  For details, visit our PAGO page or login to your account.

If a particular online retailer with whom you regularly shop doesn’t offer PUDO in
their check-out already, let us know. We will invite them to join our network so that 
you and others can enjoy fee-free secure and convenient parcel pick-up in the future.

shop the world with confidence using your PUDOpoint Counters network