Pre-paid PAGO credits make it convenient and easy to use any nearby PUDOpoint Counters

location as your ship-to and take-care address, regardless of whether or not the courier,

carrier, or online retailer are PUDO network partners.

Worry-free precious parcel management and pick-up for less than the cost of an ATM fee

Pick Up + Drop Off + Relief

pay-as-you-go for precious cargo

Our goal is to virtually consolidate the e-commerce ecosystem so that PUDOpoint Counters locations appear on every online checkout, and consumers don’t pay to use our PUDOpoint Counters home-away-from-home addresses, ever.

If you see us in the online check-out, we are at your service free-of-charge. That will happen one day soon we hope, when all carriers and retailers become official PUDOpoint Counters network partners, but until then we still make parcel pick-up and accessibility affordable, convenient, and worry free.

So go ahead and have mom ship your college boxes or your holiday gifts to a PUDOpoint Counters location near your university, or ask eBay to send your dad’s birthday gift to a PUDOpoint Counters location near to his office.

One low PAGO fee pays for peace of mind, secure storage, fewest touch points possible, early/late/weekend pick-up, and so much more.  We have you and your precious cargo covered, insured and protected in more ways than you could imagine.

All from just $2.50 when your purchase 6+ PAGOs.   To learn more, become a PUDO member for free.

shop the world with confidence using your PUDOpoint Counters network