We designed our business to support small businesses just like yours, in communities

across Canada and the United States.  Real people, committed to serving customers and

caring for family are the people we invite to share in the $827 billion dollar e-commerce opportunity.

Become part of the PUDOpoint Counters Network.

Pick Up + Drop Off

building revenues and new customer relationships one parcel at a time

  • Turn or return your small business into the beating heart of your community.
  • Opportunity to also join our PUDOpoints Counters/Amazon Hub program
  • Turn PUDO-referred parcel pick-up and drop-off consignees into loyal store customers.
  • Earn per-parcel revenue from PUDO.
  • Receive start-up training, ongoing customer support, and indoor/outdoor signage.
  • Utilize integrated PUDO online portal to monitor parcel traffic and receive detailed performance analytics.
  • Offer MyPUDO members-only special pricing and incentives via the PUDO app.
  • Offer MyPUDO members-only concierge services via the PUDO app.
  • Monetize latent space for parcel storage.
  • Optimize employee downtime, with parcel scanning and concierge services.
  • Save up to 20% on shipping to friends, family, business, with participating couriers.
  • Support the parcel pick-up and return needs of neighbouring small businesses.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by consolidating deliveries to neighborhood Counters.

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Thousands of community-based PUDOpoint Counters and PUDOpoint Amazon Hub Counter locations are already taking advantage of North America’s $827 billion e-commerce opportunity. We are adding thousands more locations, activating new operators daily. Don’t miss out!

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