For online and hybrid retailers alike, shipping and returns costs, and complex logistics

wreak havoc on profit margins and inventory control, and can break your business.

Joining PUDO’s North American plug & play, last-mile logistics network is a game changer.

Let us help us help you do what you do best, and leave us with the rest.

Pick Up + Drop Off

fix your costs. enjoy network scale savings. change the game.

  • Access North American wide coast-to-coast network of PUDOpoint Counters managing parcels from/to any registered domestic or international carrier or retailer.
  • Access volume shipping rates up to 20% discount, and regional parcel consolidation.
  • Access PUDO API – plug and play, pay-as-you-go, last-mile logistics solutions. PUDOpoint network integrates into e-commerce, CRM, and business workflow coordination systems.
  • Access to fixed cost logistics – eliminate uncertainty, focus on growth.
  • Offer your clients premium choice, mobility and convenience – thousands of parcel pick-up and drop-off counter locations plus member benefits, near where they live, work, play, study, even vacation.
  • Support small business owners/PUDOpoint Counters operators across the country.
  • Access MyPUDO consumer members, with special members-only offerings.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by consolidating deliveries to neighborhood Counters.

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Several e-commerce and courier partners, including Amazon, offer PUDOpoint Counters 
ship-to locations in their online checkouts and delivery routing. Don’t miss out, join today!

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