Answers to the questions our members most often ask

Consumer members and small business members ask

What is PUDO?
PUDO is the name of our company; an acronym for Pick-up | Drop-off , but it is also the household name of an established business sector in Western Europe, where the UK and 13 other countries have a network of pick-up and drop-off (PUDO) locations supporting e-commerce.
How do I use a PUDOpoint Counters address as my ship-to address?

Once registered, you will be assigned a unique membership number. Your membership number is important and is needed to be shown as part of your delivery address.

Go to our PUDOPoint Counters locations page to search and select your preferred delivery address.

Once you’ve selected your preferred delivery address, you can then provide your PUDO shipping address details to anyone sending you an envelope or package via courier. When shopping online, simply enter the PUDO address details during the check-out process.

Your unique membership number needs to be shown as part of your delivery address. Please don’t forget to include it. If you ever do forget, not to worry! As a registered member, we are able to locate you by your name.

Here’s an example of what your address details should look like when we receive your shipment:

Your First and Last name

PUDO 1234567 (Your Membership Number)
123 Any Street
Province/State (Your preferred PUDO ‘Ship To’ address)
Postal Code/ Zip Code

That’s it! Once we receive your shipment, you will be instantly emailed with confirmation that your shipment has arrived and is available for you to pick up at YOUR convenience.

What is a PUDOpoint Counters location?

 A PUDOpoint Counters location is a convenience store or small community-based business usually within minutes of your home, work, school, hotel, etc.,  that will accept your shipments for you, notify you when the package is ready for pick-up,  and be available to assist when you arrive.

How does PUDO protect my privacy, home address, and merchandise?

When you use a PUDOpoint Counters location for your shipment pick-ups, no one will ever know where you live. You never need to worry about anyone checking out your home, knocking on your door, or disrupting other family members. Experience all of the security that PUDO offers by having your shipments dropped off, stored securely, and picked up at your local PUDOpoint Counters location.

Why would I pay for this service?

Although post offices provides convenient pick up locations for shipments handled by them, similar locations catering to courier deliveries are few. If you lead a busy or active lifestyle or simply would prefer the security of not having any member of your household open the door to a stranger, the PUDO Hold For Pick-Up service and the convenience it provides allows you the freedom to get on with your life on your terms.

Why does PUDO apply fees?

Convenience is the simple answer. We don’t believe in monthly or annual fees similar to mailbox rentals, nor do we believe that unmanned pick up locations – with the logistical problems they present – are the answer. We believe that a human presence is necessary in order to provide a secure and trustworthy pick-up service.

PUDO takes pride in situating our locations inside established local independent retail businesses run by people who work hard to serve their communities and neighbourhoods. The PUDO Hold For Pick-Up service not only services you but also helps to support local businesses.

What is the cost of using the Pay As You Go (PAGO) service?

Our goal is to virtually consolidate the e-commerce ecosystem so that PUDOpoint Counters locations appear on every online checkout, and consumers don’t pay to use our PUDOpoint Counters home-away-from-home addresses, ever.

If you see us in the online check-out, we are at your service free-of-charge. That will happen one day soon we hope, when all carriers and retailers become official PUDOpoint Counters network partners, but until then we still make parcel pick-up and accessibility affordable, convenient, and worry free.

So go ahead and have mom ship your college boxes or your holiday gifts to a PUDOpoint Counters location near your university, or ask eBay to send your dad’s birthday gift to a PUDOpoint Counters location near to his office.

One low PAGO fee pays for peace of mind, secure storage, fewest touch points possible, early/late/weekend pick-up, and so much more. We have you and your precious cargo covered, insured and protected in more ways than you could imagine.

All from just $2.50 when your purchase 6+ PAGOs.

How do I save up to 20% on shipping?

Consumer members can save up to 20% on shipping with our partner carriers, and small business members can save even more by accessing our network rates and consolidation services.  Discounts are specific to PUDOpoint Counters locations, country and region.  Savings details, and shipping label download instructions are available to members after they have logged in to their PUDO accounts.

Once registered can I use more than one PUDOpoint Counters location?

Registered members are encouraged to build their own MyPUDO network of PUDOpoint Counters locations near where they live, work, play, study, even vacation.  This allows more freedom to pick up shipments anywhere, even if travelling on business or pleasure. As long as you’re a registered member, we know who you are so we’ll be there for you.

What is the last mile?
A metaphorical term widely used to describe the final leg of a journey or delivery of a product or service, to the customer. Originally coined during the telecommunications revolution, to describe the last link in the chain of delivering internet or cable services from the furthest hub in the network of consecutively smaller hubs, to individual residences; most-often associated with bottlenecks, costs and complexity.
What is last-mile gridlock?

Parcel delivery describes the entire journey that a parcel makes from the moment an e-commerce item is ordered, until it lands in the hands of the consignee (purchaser). The gridlock crisis happened because an unsustainable 53% of the entire cost of parcel delivery is consumed during the last mile. Three major roadblocks contribute to last-mile gridlock.

  1. Because e-commerce growth exploded unexpectedly quickly, stakeholders in the ecosystem had no choice but to rely on two primary and outdated modes of delivery, namely: traditional federal mail systems originally designed to deliver envelopes and small parcels to occupied homes, and traditional courier systems built to deliver envelopes and parcels between businesses.
  2. These systems, however, did not consider the costs of changing demographics and consumer behavior, and crippling statistics like: nobody home to receive deliveries +35% of the time; 50% of failed first-attempt delivery resulting in doorstep-dropped parcels.
  3. This in turn leading to over $5.6B annual parcel theft; escalating spoilage costs on perishable goods; and the +30% of parcels designated returned to sender (wrong size, unsuitable, unwanted).

Retail members and partners ask

Do small and independent retailers benefit from joining PUDO?

Absolutlely.  Retailers of all sizes and configurations can access the PUDO API for free, and immediately begin enjoying our plus and play, pay-as-you-go, last-mile logistics solutions.  Our technology integrates with popular e-commerce, CRM, and business workflow coordination systems, and we will work with you to customize integration where feasible.   Retail members also benefit from regional parcel consolidation and volume shipping rates of up to 20% with our partner carriers.


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